Episode 12: Plants vs Zombies vs Waltz

Episode 12: Plants vs Zombies vs Waltz Our 12th episode of Nerdy Dance Experiment (NDE), we had an extraodrinary time making this music an crate originel chorogrphy to danz... BRAINS!!

An dun furget extrz billow.

Episode 11, Flamenco of Zelda

Holy Flamenco, Batman! Are those Link’s Pegasus shoes? No, no, they're Flamenco heels? Well I'll be a Zora's uncle...  Check out our rendition of "Gerudo Valley" spiced up Spanish style below!  

Oh, and the extras!  A big shout out to Kathi Beste from Chicago's Flamenco Arts Center for the wonderful inspiration.  Keep on gamin' and keep on dancin'!